•  A wide range of health related topics are addressed throughout the year utilizing the diverse medical resources available in our community.
  •  Wellness maintenance is encouraged with the scheduling of health screenings including hearing and vision screenings and annual flu vaccine clinics. Wellness days are scheduled periodically featuring a concentrated series of topics.
  •  Guest speakers conduct lectures, workshops and discussions on a variety of mental and physical conditions throughout the year. These educational sessions are directed to maintaining wellness and avoiding illness.
  •  Fitness is stressed in Senior Center programming and is based on each individual’s capacity. Programs are conducted both on and off-site depending on available resources.
  •  A variety of exercise classes and dance classes, including Yoga, Strength Training, Tai Chi, and others are part of the Senior Center program schedule on-site. Off-site activities include a walking group and tennis and golf leagues.
  • Pre-registration is preferred and often necessary. Some services and classes require a fee. Detailed information may be obtained in the monthly “Prime Times” newsletter or by calling the Senior Center.