Memory Lane is a “Social Model” adult day program designed to promote and maintain independence

for older adults with mild memory loss, cognitive and/or physical impairments.

Deb Markiewicz, Memory Lane Program Coordinator

Phone: (203) 265-7753                         E-mail:

1.    The program is open to Wallingford residents, age 60 and over, who qualify following an assessment, on a space available basis.

2.    Out-of-towners, age 60 and over, who qualify following an assessment will be accepted on a space available basis at a higher daily fee.

3.    An assessment interview of the physical, mental and social functioning of the potential participant will be conducted by the Memory Lane Program Coordinator with a family member in attendance.

4.    The potential participant’s primary care physician will be asked to provide written medical information, including all medications, prior to acceptance.

5.    Medical information must be updated annually or as changes occur.

6.    Trial visits will be required to enable staff to determine if potential participants are appropriate for the program.

7.    Participants must be able to ambulate independently or with the assistance of a cane, walker, or wheelchair.  They must be able to medicate, eat and toilette unassisted.

8.    Participants may exhibit only mild dementia or memory impairment.

9.    Participants must be able and willing to actively participate in program activities.

10.    Those who are prone to wandering, antisocial, or violent behavior will not be considered.

11.    Problems, incidents or accidents, which occur off-site involving the participant, must be reported to the Memory Lane Program Coordinator prior to the next day of program service.


1.    Referrals may come from physicians, hospitals, family members or friends.  Staff will screen potential participants.

2.    The Memory Lane Coordinator will interview potential participants deemed eligible, with a family member in attendance.

3.    Up to three trial visit(s) will be offered to potential participants.

4.    The determination of whether it is necessary to have someone supervise the departure or arrival of a participant to and from their home will be made at the time of enrollment.

5.    Applicants and their families will be notified if they are accepted into the program.


1.    The participants will be referred to other programs or facilities when their decline in functioning prohibits meaningful and beneficial participation in the Memory Lane program.

2.    Participants who have demonstrated improvement will be integrated into regular Senior Center activities or referred to other programs.

3.    Prior notice of discharge will be given in order to provide time to make alternate arrangements for the participant.


1.    If the participant is absent due to extended illness or other reason, he/she must receive clearance from their physician and be re-evaluated before re-entering the program.  There is a limit to the length of time a space can be held, depending on current census and the waiting list.  Returning participants will have first priority on the waiting list.


1.    The Senior Center will provide for transportation to Memory Lane.  The participant must be able to ambulate independently between their home and the bus.  Drivers are strictly prohibited from entering a participant’s home to assist them.  The vehicles accommodate persons with disabilities.

2.    The participants may join in the morning coffee hour in the Memory Lane Room.  The daily congregate lunch program in the Senior Community Café is also available.   Lake View Café is also an option (no reservation required).

3.    The Senior Center periodically offers special events on-site, which may include Memory Lane participants.

4.    The Senior Center periodically sponsors special events off-site.  Memory Lane participants who wish to attend must be accompanied by staff or an escort in order to participate.  A fee may be required.

5.    A registered VNA nurse is on site Tuesday, Thursday and Friday  mornings from 9:30-12:30.

6.    If requested, the Memory Lane Program staff can offer a family support group, which would meet on a periodic basis.


1.    Family members and clients should be aware that in the event of a serious medical emergency, the staff would call 911 and initiate other appropriate procedures.

2.    Participants who are fully conscious may refuse medical assistance only after the ambulance has arrived and/or a waiver has been signed.

3.    Family members will be notified of incidents, accidents and emergencies.

4.    Family members will be notified of early adjournment due to inclement weather or other emergencies.

5.    Participants and/or their family members will be notified of cancellation of the program due to inclement weather conditions or other emergencies.

1.   There is a nominal fee (call for prices) for Wallingford residents and a slightly higher fee for out-of-town participants. this fee includes coffee, snacks, lunch, transportation (in town only) and occasional out trips, with billing at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s service.  Payment is due upon receipt.

1.    Memory Lane is a program of the Wallingford Senior Center and receives its major funding for staffing from the Town of Wallingford.  The program is supplemented by participant fees, fundraising projects, and donations.

2.    Participants may utilize transportation provided by family or friends in lieu of that offered by the Senior Center transportation program.

3.    Participants may bring their lunch if they do not choose to join the Senior Community Café or Lake View Café lunch programs.