See newsletter for current openings and upcoming trips. 

A. Day trips are open to registered members of the Senior Center and their spouses.

B. Overnight trips are open to registered members and their roommates.

C. If space allows, non-members, age 21 or older, may register for a trip one week following the original registration date.


A. The Senior Center opens at 9:00 a.m.; registration for a trip will begin at 9:15 a.m.

B. Each member must present a Senior Center membership card in order to register.

C. A staff member will distribute one numbered ticket to each person who wishes to register. The order for registration is according to the ticket number received upon entering the Senior Center.

D. Members may register for one additional trip participant only. In this instance, staff will issue two consecutive numbers. The trip partner’s membership card must be presented and their payment and meal choice must be submitted at the time of registration.

E. Full payment must accompany registration, unless otherwise instructed.

F. Sign up ticket numbers are non-transferable.

G. If a person is not present at the time their number is called, they must take a new number or wait until all numbers have been called.

H. Checks or cash will be accepted for payment for trips under $50 per person. Payments of $50 or more per person must be in the form of a personal or bank check.


A. Participants must contact the Senior Center if it becomes necessary to cancel for any reason.

B. When possible, the space will be filled by someone from the waiting list.

C. Participants may not transfer their reservation to a friend; all cancellations must be processed through the Senior Center.

D. There will be no refunds for those canceling unless the reservation has been resold or the Senior Center receives a refund from the provider.

E. Refund checks for a cancellation will be issued after the date of the trip.

F. Participants going on extended trips are advised to purchase travel cancellation insurance. This information will be available during registration


A. Participants are requested to be at the Senior Center at least 15 minutes before departure time for day trips and at least 30 minutes before departure for overnight trips.

B. Participants will board the motor coach as their names are called by the trip captain in the order of the sign-up roster.

C. Participants with special needs must make those needs known at the time of registration.

D. Participants may choose their seats as they board the motor coach.


A. Prior to the trip, participants are requested to arrange transportation home from the Senior Center if they do not drive.

B. Return times are always approximate. Every effort will be made to return to the Senior Center by the time designated during sign up.

C. Should there be a lengthy delay or unusually early return, the trip captain will make every effort to give participants an opportunity to notify by phone those who would be picking them up.


A. On day trips, participants are required to park their vehicles at the outer edges of either Senior Center parking lot.

B. Long-term parking is not recommended during extended trips. Participants are encouraged to make arrangements for a drop-off and pick-up for themselves or their vehicles.


A. Participants with medical conditions that require frequent meals or water to take medication are responsible for bringing these along while traveling. Trip captains are not responsible for providing for these special needs.

B. There will be no smoking while on board the motor coach or within the group at any destination. Those wishing to smoke may do so out-of-doors or at rest stops.

C. There will be no consuming of alcoholic beverages while on board the motor coach.

D. All member participants are required to carry their Senior Center ID membership card that will provide information in the event of an emergency.

E. Non-members are required to provide emergency information prior to trip departure.


A. Trip captains are required to file a report on the trip and on any incident or accident upon return.

B. Participants may be asked to complete an evaluation of the trip to assist staff with future planning, including any positive or negative comments.